Food Contact Materials


Legislation, Control, Science and Good Practices


Date: Thursday 20 November 2014


Venue: FPS Public Health, Eurostation, Victor Horta Square 40, BE-1060 Brussels - Belgium (Itinerary)


Organisation: KVCV-Food Chemistry and ie-net (Expert Group Food)

in collaboration with Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP), SENSTECH, Pack4Food, Ghent University, BRUCEFO, Test-Aankoop-Achats and Federal Agency of the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)


                       KVCV-Voeding            ie-net




Topics: We are daily confronted with materials in contact with food. One might think of the packaging of food but also kitchen utensils and even tubing of your coffee machine are to be considered as food contact materials. The use of inappropriate materials during the manufacturing or incorrect use of these food contact materials may lead to the migration of components from the material towards the food. At this moment approximately ten thousand substances are known to be used in food contact materials. Some of these compounds as well as some non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) may cause health risk to the consumer in case of migration into the food.

On the other hand, migration of volatile substances can also change organoleptic properties of packaged food products. Food contact materials and articles are regulated by the Framework Regulation EC 1935/2004 through legislation on specific materials and individual substances or groups of substances used during the manufacturing of food contact materials, as well as by national legislation. Food inspection services are daily controlling food contact material producers, as well as the use of these materials on the level of food industry and retail. Samples of food contact materials are analysed in laboratories and migration tests are carried out.

During this seminar we will focus specifically on the European and Belgian legislation and on control procedures. Furthermore we will tackle the risks associated with the migration of components into food. Moreover the latest developments and hot topics in the area of materials in contact with food will be put forward.

This seminar is intended for people from industry, universities, research institutions and government.


Preliminary scientific programme:


 8:30 Registration and coffee
 9:15 Opening and introduction

Session 1: Legislation and control

• EU Regulations on food contact materials, mainly on plastics and its developments, Luigi Rossi (independent consultant)

• Control procedures of the Federal Agency of the Safety of the Food Chain, Caroline De Praeter and Katrien Erven (FAVV-AFSCA)


 10:45 Coffee break, scientific and R&D poster session

Session 2: Good Practices in the industry

• Ensuring the safety of packaged foods; the Nestlé approach, Sander Coster (Nestlé)

• Interpretation of EU 2023/2006: GMP in carton packaging, Pieter Geers (Graphic Packaging)


 12:25 Lunch, scientific and R&D poster session

Session 3: Exposure and risk assessment

• FACET exposure tool - its use in risk assessment for migrants from food contact materials, Peter Oldring (Valspar Europe)

• Plastic baby bottles used as substitutes for polycarbonate: evaluation of the migration and associated risks, Els Van Hoeck (WIV-ISP)


 15:05 Coffee break, scientific and R&D poster session

Session 4: Hot topics

• How to conduct the safety assessment of not intentially added substances (NIAS)? Review of recent experts' proposals, Leonor Garcia (Coca-Cola)

• Packaging-related taints of food products, Inge Dirinck (SENSTECH)

• Update on the Draft German Printing Inks Ordinance, Hazel O'Keeffe (Keller and Heckman)

• GMP in the packaging industry. Where to start?, An Vermeulen (Pack4Food)


16:55 Closing session



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Call for abstracts (scientific and R&D posters)

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members KVCV, ie-net, SENSNET, Pack4Food, BVI-IBE

                  € 175.00   (VAT, symposium book, lunch and coffee included)
non-members                   € 200.00   (VAT, symposium book, lunch and coffee included)
government, academics                   € 125.00   (VAT, symposium book, lunch and coffee included)

IPV-IFP (Initiatieven voor Professionele Vorming van de Voedingsnijverheid – Initiatives de Formation Professionelle de l'industrie alimentaire) will financially support companies whom employees attend this seminar and belong to 'paritair comité' PC 220 or 'commission paritaire' CP 220 (€ 120.00/participant). Companies do not have to take further actions. 

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