28 januari 2014 08:00 – 31 januari 2014 18:00
Locatie: Congrescentrum Oud Sint-Jan, Brugge, Mariastraat 38, Brugge, Vlaanderen, België
Categorie: HTC

HTC-13 will cover all fundamental aspects, instrumental developments and applications of hyphenated chromatographic techniques. These include hyphenation between chromatography and detection systems (with focus on mass spectrometry), multi-column (multi-dimensional) chromatography, and the coupling between sample-preparation and separation techniques. Many aspects of chromatography will be addressed, including automation and robotization, miniaturization and microfabricated analytical devices, high-pressure and high-temperature LC, and new detection techniques.

HTSP-3 will highlight the prominent place which sample preparation techniques have taken in 21st century chemical analysis and emphasis will be set on the hyphenation with chromatography and with separation techniques in general. Highlightswill be speediness, automation, cost saving and green approaches to facilitate reliable and rugged analysis within acceptable timeframes for current analytical tools and providing solutions to real problems in industry, science and society. Techniques covered will include extraction techniques such as solid-phase extraction (SPE), solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME), molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs), liquid-phase (micro-) extraction (LPME), sample introduction strategies (e.g. headspace methods; pyrolysis, derivatization methods) and multi-column methods and various other developments relevant in the framework of sample preparation.

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