Welcome to Food Chemistry Division

The Food Chemistry Division was founded in 1978 and exists already more than 40 years.

Since the foundation of the Food Chemistry Division a lot of successful events have been organised by the board of the division. Two editions of the 'European Conference on Food Chemistry' were organised by KVCV-Food Chemistry, namely Euro Food Chem III in Antwerp (1985) and Euro Food Chem XII in Bruges (2003). In collaboration with the food industry 4 editions of the 'Food Cycle' on various actual topics (globalisation, innovation, ...) were held. In 2013, the 7e edition of the symposium 'Trends in Food Analysis' was organised, providing an interesting platform for new and innovative trends in food analysis.

KVCV-Food Chemistry is represented within the EuChemS (European Chemical Society) Division of Food Chemistry.