Mission Statement

KVCV, why and for whom?

KVCV is aimed at anyone who has an interest in chemistry in the broadest sense of the word. Bachelors, masters and PhD's in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, bio-engineering, civil and industrial engineers, chemists, analysts and technicians. In fact anyone who has ever held a test tube should feel at home at KVCV. Whether it is in a private or public laboratory, as a monitor in the training of young people, or cutting-edge research into new materials and biotechnology, all share the same passion: want to know how the substances around us are composed, and do 'something' with this knowledge.

This diversity is reflected in the various divisions of the KVCV. All aspects of chemistry and its role in social life are covered (analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry education, chemometrics, physical chemistry, history of chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, theoretical chemistry, food chemistry, ...). Training in chemistry and defending the interests of the members get a key role.

KVCV represents, promotes and defends the field of knowledge of all these branches of chemistry in a national and international context. The divisions work independently and organize various activities specific to their field. They contribute to the central operation of KVCV by delegates in the coordination committee, ensuring the different divisions are also represented in the central governance.

Because of its diversity KVCV is an interesting melting pot, where a lot of information can be gathered. KVCV wants to expand this information for its members, and seek ways to support its members. Essential elements are the existence and activities of the divisions, C2W | Mens & Molecule (magazine), ActueelTje, the KVCV website, networking, job service, expert database, professional training at discounted prices, quality control and support of the chemistry education, ...


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