Lecture about drugs: The story of Adam and Eve - AFGELAST

07 mei 2020 18:30 – 22:00
Locatie: Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, Campus Hoboken, Salesianenlaan 90, Antwerpen, België
Categorie: Jong

Wegens de maatregelen om de verspreiding van het COVID-19 virus tegen te gaan zijn we genoodzaakt deze lezing te annuleren.

Adam and Eve ... no, it's not about the birds and the bees. Or is it? It are code names for ecstasy (XTC) in the dance halls.

Professor Philippe Jorens (UZA, UA), intensivist and pharmacologist, comes almost on a daily basis in contact with drug use at the clinic.  He takes us on a journey through the present, but also the history of drug use together with elements of geography, biological effects, botany .... Furthermore, there is also attention to the "chemistry" such as the production of amphetamines, the decomposition of cocaine into crack when heated in the presence of bicarbonate, using NaOH to make "liquid" ecstasy, or the miraculous crystal structure of many drugs ... all this is well covered. The whole lecture is peppered with historical facts. The wide range of available drugs (amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, heroin and so many others) is inserted into an original look.

It is not only a story about the "pure" analysis, detection, production of structure-activity relationship and addiction ... but also (even if it seems contradictory) the interaction between chemistry and part of the medicine that is not always so well known ...

Attending the lecture is free for members of KVCV, others pay € 4 (payment on the spot, cash or payconiq).
After the lecture we welcome you on a free reception in the corridors.
The lecture will take place in aula Marcel Lanneer, building B of the campus (Salesianenlaan 90, 2660 Hoboken)
The lecture will be in English.

Registration is not mandatory but strongly advised. Register here!

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