Renewable Energy: yes, but...

04 May 2022 19:00 – 22:00
Location: UHasselt, Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan, Diepenbeek, België
Category: Young

Dr. Jef Ongena
Research director Koninklijke Militaire School, Brussels
Chair of the Energy Group of the European Physical Society

In light of the chaotic political discussion on the future of our energy, and the sky-high energy prices, a factual basis will be given for the discussion of this very prominent current issue. The consequences of the mass implementation of solar and wind energy for the generation of electricity are clearly being shown by the results of the German Energiewende (energy turnabout) of the past 5 years. The large variability in
energy production leads to periods of massive overproduction as well as shortages of renewable electricity at peak demand. To compensate for this, energy storage and backup systems are required to store excess energy and provide it during periods of high demand to ensure a secure supply of electricity. Current nuclear and fossil fuel-based storage systems are undesirable and designing a system that is 100% compatible with a renewable energy source is no easy matter. Nuclear fusion is a strongly developing technology with much promise, which will be demonstrated in the second part of the lecture with 3 didactic experiments.


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