About division Young

The youth division of KVCV represents the young chemists in Flanders regardless of profession or affliation. Most members are students undertaking a bachelor or master’s degree at a Flemisch institution for higher education or pursue doctoral studies at one of the universities. Chemists of all domains (biochemistry, pure and applied chemistry, chemical engineering...).

Besides representing young students, the section organizes many activities for young scientists, students of all ages and the general public.

Some of the activities are:

  • Evening lectures at institution for higher education: fascinating discoveries, trending topics or more entertaining topics. Always with a chemical twist but not limited to an audience with chemical background.
  • Guided visits to small, medium and large size companies.
  • Organization of a scientific conference for young chemists (ChemCYS, Master or PhD level)
  • Bringing science and in particular chemistry to the general public through workshops and demonstrations.

The youth division collaborates with and supports other topical divisions of KVCV on a regular basis, offering its members several opportunities to get involved with other divisions or pick up some organizational experience.