Health, inside-out

22 March 2022 19:30 – 22:00
Location: Universiteit Antwerpen - Campus Drie Eiken, Aula Fernand Nédée - gebouw Q, Universiteitsbaan - Parking P3 of P4, Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, België
Category: Kekulé

All evenings have the same arrangement:

  • 19.00 h: Welcome
  • 19.30 h: Introduction and lectures
  • 21.30 h: Closing remarks and networking reception                 
    Networking connection with guest companies (incubators- start-ups)


The Kekulé cycle is a COVID Safe Event. All practical information can be found here.

Chairman: Prof. dr. Koen Augustyns (Decaan Farmaceutische Wetenschappen  - UAntwerpen)

COVID19: reflections and lessons learned
Dr. Johan Van Hoof (Managing Director Janssen Vaccines - Johnson&Johnson)

Tracking and deciphering single cell identity in health and disease
Prof. dr. Stein  Aerts  (VIB Laboratory of Computational Biology / KULeuven)

The complex development of live biotherapeutic products from microbiome research
Prof. dr. ir. Sarah Lebeer (Bio-engineering - UAntwerpen) 

Guest companies:

BlueHealth Innovation Center
Stimulating the digital transformation of health care

Monitor health with AI

Uncover the power of the skin microbiome

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