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The Kekulé cycle offers a biannual series of science and technology lectures, already nearly a forty thirty years. Topics always are highly relevant for many aspects in our society. Therefore the organizers, KVCV and the Antwerp University, invite internationally renowned speakers from academia and business. By doing this, the Kekulé́-cycle promotes insight, reflection and dialogue and creates a platform where students, academics and professionals from research, education and industry meet.

Currently the 20th cycle is being prepared.
Academic year 2023-24

A review of the program of the past cycle (2021-22)

Kekulé-cycle XIX: “Sustainable Game Changers”

  • The green deal: answer to the climate challenge
    CO2, a raw material??

  • Human Artificial Intelligence
    Will artificial intelligence govern the world?

  • Water,… no longer a commodity
    Water… the new ‘gold’?

  • Space, Time and Radiation
    Fundamental … and applied!

  • Energy:  wherever, whenever…
    Sustainable energy … soon?

  • Health, inside-out
    Health, … another point of view

  • Youth afternoon
    Science, scientists and the future

With three lectures, each evening, the Kekulé cycle aims to illustrate the contribution of science and technology to our future.

Let the lectures and discussions inspire you, meet the numerous students and professionals from education, research and industry, participating in this forum.


Visit the website for all pratical information, to consult the program and to download presentations and abstracts.

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