Space, Time and Radiation

22 February 2022 19:30 – 22:00
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Category: Kekulé

All evenings have the same arrangement:

  • 19.00 h: Welcome
  • 19.30 h: Introduction and lectures
  • 21.30 h: Closing remarks and networking reception                 
    Networking connection with guest companies (incubators- start-ups)


The Kekulé cycle is a COVID Safe Event. All practical information can be found here.

Chairman: Dr. Nathalie Leys (Microbiology Research Unit - SCK CEN)

The Einstein telescope: observation of the universe with gravitational waves.
Prof. dr. Nick Van Remortel (Elementaire-Deeltjesfysica - UAntwerpen)

Theranostics: targeted medical radio-isotopes designed to beat cancer
Prof.dr. Eric van Walle (Director-General SCK CEN)

Tree story: what the rings in trees tell us about the history of climate
Prof. dr. Valerie Trouet (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research - University of Arizona (USA))

Guest companies:

Life sciences research that improves life

In-line quality inspection

Recycling & sorting technologies

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