The Human Protein Atlas – Spatial proteomics in health and disease

06 May 2021 19:00 – 21:00
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By Dr. Cecilia Lindskog (Uppsala University, Sweden)


The spatial distribution of proteins determines the morphology and function of tissues, cells, and organelles. Knowledge of this spatial distribution is therefore essential to understand the healthy and diseased human body. The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project is a large-scale initiative aiming at mapping the entire human proteome using antibody-based proteomics and integration of various other omics technologies. The publicly available knowledge resource has grown into one of the world’s most visited biological databases. The current version is divided into six main sections, each focusing on particular aspects of the human proteome: (a) the Tissue Atlas showing the distribution of proteins across all major tissues and organs in the human body; (b) the Single Cell Type Atlas showing expression of protein-coding genes in single human cell types; (c) the Pathology Atlas showing the impact of protein levels on survival of patients with cancer; (d) the Brain Atlas exploring the distribution of proteins in various regions of the mammalian brain; (e) the Blood Atlas describing proteins detected in the blood cell types and proteins secreted by human tissues; and (f) the Cell Atlas showing the subcellular localization of proteins in single cells. The HPA constitutes an important resource for further understanding of human biology, and the publicly available datasets hold much promise for integration with other emerging efforts focusing on single cell analyses, both at transcriptomic and proteomic level.


Dr. Lindskog is a group leader at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Her research focuses on integration of transcriptomics and antibody-based proteomics, linking cell type specificity with function and mechanisms of disease. She has a PhD in pathology from the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University, and joined the Human Protein Atlas already in the early stage of the project, more than 15 years ago. Dr. Lindskog is heading the tissue-based profiling of the Human Protein Atlas, with main emphasis on immunohistochemistry, antibody validation and cell type-specific localization in human normal and cancer tissues.

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For this webinar, we have joined forces with the Belgian Proteomics Association (BePA)
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021

Start time: 19:00 CET
Language: English


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