General terms and conditions for closing a private membership at KVCV

  1. A financial contribution is required for becoming a member of KVCV. This allows the KVCV to perform its activities as stated in the statutes of the association.
  2. The membership is valid for a period of one year from the date of activation or renewal. Activation or renewal of the membership occurs within 6 weeks of the application, in most cases, however, within a few days.
  3. The membership must be renewed annually, with the financial contribution being paid again. Renewal of the membership will only occur with the explicit approval of the member. No automatic renewal is applicable, except in case of payment by direct debit (cf. 5).
  4. The following fees apply for the activation or newewal of a private membership at KVCV:
    • Standard membership: € 55
    • Young professional (up to and including the age of 29): € 30 - age to be proven by sending a copy of the ID card
    • Student membership: € 12 - statute of student to be proven by sending a copy of the students card
  5. For the standard membership, the option is given to pay by way of direct debit, which entitles you to a one-time discount of € 10 (i.e. in the first year of membership that occurs via direct debit). Memberships that occur via direct debit are subject to automatic renewal.
  6. Early termination of the membership will only be done at the explicit request of the member. However, this does not entitle a full or partial repayment of the financial contribution.

Last update on May 13, 2017

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