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Chemistry in a Confined Space

2020-06-15 20:00 - 10:00
Centrum Szkoleniowo - Rekreacyjne "Hotel Karolinka", ul. Linowa 3b, 58-540 Karpacz Tel. : (+48) 75 76 18 053; Fax. : (+48) 75 76 18 053; Mob. : (+48) 570 745 062 Mail: kontakt@karolinka-karpacz.pl; WWW: www.karolinka-karpacz.pl
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The European Meeting on Physical Organic Chemistry (EMPOC) (which until 2018 was called the Central European School on Physical Organic Chemistry) has been organized annually for 41 years. The primary objective of the Meetings is to exchange scientific ideas, discuss problems, establish collaborations, create opportunities for high level learning. The schedule of each Meeting is subordinated to those requirements.

Scientific goal of this year’s Meeting is to discuss and to learn the "Chemistry in a Confined Space". Structure and properties of isolated molecules are easy to be obtained by many experimental techniques and theoretical calculations. However, determination of the structure and properties of molecules in a specific surrounding is still a challenge for experimentalists and theoreticians, especially in soft matter. It is not sufficient to know detailed properties of individual molecules to understand and to predict their effect on technological or biological process. Only recently have we started to understand the peculiarities of micro and nano-closures for physics, chemistry and biology. We hope that the meeting will be an opportunity to present achievements in this field and discuss them in a wider forum.  

The scientific program is divided into sessions devoted to particular problems related to the main subject of the Meeting. The sessions are composed of plenary lectures (30 min. including discussion), oral presentations (20 min. including discussion), short oral presentations (10 min. including discussion) and posters including 3 min oral presentations. In the case of a large number of participants, the authors of some oral presentations may be asked to present their results in the form of a poster.

 Usually, the participants are in 30% senior researchers, 35% young scientists, 35% PhD students, 90% of them are chemists but there are also physicists and biologists.



Invited lectures and a selection of the contributed papers will be published as a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Structure. There are no specific length restrictions for manuscripts, although papers should be of a length appropriate to the material presented at the Conference. Only papers containing significant new research results and/or critical review material will be considered for publication. Where an individual or research group has several related contributions, they are strongly encouraged to submit a single manuscript featuring the most original aspects of the work; multiple short papers from an individual or research group will not be accepted.




Conference fee 700 PLN/170 Euro (650 PLN/160 Euro for members of the Polish Chemical Society - apply to members who have paid an annual Society fee).

Accommodation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, get-together party, conference dinner, barbecue): 900 PLN/ 200 Euro.

All necessary information will be sent in the second circular and announced on the conference homepage (http://ces.wchuwr.pl/).




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